About Brooke Mclaine...


          Brooke Mclaine is an actress currently residing in New York City. Originally from New Hampshire, Brooke stumbled upon her true love for acting during her time in college & quickly jumped into the Boston film scene. There, she devoted all of her time & energy into building her resume & gaining valuable experience, consistently striving to improve herself. She has starred as lead roles in a variety of independent films and web-series, as well as creating her own content by working behind the camera casting & co-producing different projects. Her passion and dedication to make acting her life career quickly led her to move to Brooklyn, NY for greater opportunity. In June 2018 she graduated the 2-Year Acting Conservatory at the prestigious Terry Knickerbocker Studio in NYC. More than ever, she is confident, driven, and eager to hone her craft. It’s not so much the destination that is important, but instead the journey and accomplishments along the way!

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